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Sunday, May 19, 2013

You know, the least I could ever do for something terrible that I've experienced is to share it with people. That is why I am taking to my blog the terrible experience Kevin and I had last night at Timezone arcade in the TriNoma mall in Quezon City. We've been valued customers (or players) in that particular branch of Timezone until last night when the supposedly place to enjoy turned into a stress-inducing hell.

Timezone Arena in TriNoma QC


Smaller Timezone Area Closed


Whenever Kevin and I need to kill time, we head directly to this particular "hidden" Timezone branch on TriNoma's 4th level. There were no crowds there, and the games were ~okay. However, last night, to our surprise, the said branch was closed. I don't know if it's just under renovation or it's gone forever. So we headed back to the main Timezone arcade, where we never thought hell would break loose.


The Rise of the Defective Machines


Since it's a Saturday and there were many people playing in the arcade, Kevin and I looked for vacant arcade games where we can finally de-stress. We just came from his basketball game, and we were kinda tired from the overcrowded MRT train ride. The least that were expecting to happen in Timezone is to swipe our card to a defective drop-the-ball extreme machine. Imagine all the hassle of finding a personnel who could assist you to reimburse your credits.

So I went to the cashier and surprisingly, we're not the only ones who's been troubled by a defective machine. I gave my card to the cashier, and she did some swiping and typing and returned the card to me saying, "wag niyo nalang ulit gamitin dun." And in my mind I was like, "sure, I'm not that stupid to not know that." But I was cool, and I just went back to Kevin and looked for other games. We were looking for racing or shooting games, but unfortunately, they are all unavailable.


The Rise of the Defective Machines: The Remake


I found this Sharp Shooting game and Kevin was able to play. We were somehow smiling until we swiped our Timezone card in a seemingly new drop-the-ball game near the entrance. After we swiped our card and the button started to flash, we were very excited to push the button to get the jackpot prize. To our dismay, the ball never dropped. The button did not work. Another defective machine over here.

I found myself looking for a personnel again. She came to us fast, but she said she needs to get the keys to operate the machine. I approached the cashier, thinking maybe she'll just reimburse the credits again, but the cashier told me to ask the girl who is assisting someone else. So we just waited for the first personnel we approached to come back with the keys. Apparently, the keys never appeared. She asked us to move to the machine beside the defective one to just try there using her card, but unfortunately, the machine was also unavailable.


The Rise of the Defective Machines: Forever


Remember, we waited for like five minutes for her to come back with the keys she was ogling about. She told us to just transfer to another game somewhere else. She swiped her card and asked me to like, press the button so she could see if the machine works. In my mind, I was like "congrats, Miss. You just defeated the purpose of enjoying the game." I felt like I was forced to press the button just so she'll go away. Anyway, I had no choice so I hit it (take note: without the feeling of excitement). I won three tickets in that game, but unfortunately, the machine did not dispense the three measly tickets I won.

Apparently, the machine doesn't have anymore tickets, so an operator came to refill it. And I was like, "Kuya, nanalo po ako ng three tickets ha." I couldn't believe I just said that like I was begging for those tickets. The operator even said, "Naglaro po kayo, Ma'am?" And in my mind I was like, "Hinde kuya, gusto lang kitang kupitan." Like seriously, Kuya! Would I even bother to ask for three freaking tickets if I didn't play?!? (insert Tagalog translation of son of a b*tch here). Again, those were only in my mind.


The Unprofessional Manager


That particular moment triggered the The-Customer-Is-Always-Right part of Kevin's brain. He told me that he wants to get a feedback form just so we can voice out our horrendous experience with the defective machines in Timezone. Kevin has a point and he made it clear to the personnel we talked with: if your machines are defective, you better shut it down or indicate that it is unavailable. But I told him to just shake it off and we'll just find another game somewhere. Or not.

He insisted and went to the cashier. He courteously asked for a feedback form where he could write down his suggestions for the store to improve its service and minimize the hassle defective machines give to customers. The cashier asked the manager to face us, after some minutes of waiting. The store manager named Marilyn de Ocampo faced him, and Kevin told her his sentiments. He was just asking for a feedback form but the manager doesn't seem to know where to get one or what to do.


The Clueless Guy


The manager went to their office, I suppose, to get the feedback form. A male personnel nevertheless came back holding a piece of newsprint, with no clue of what that is for and where should he give it. He asked the cashier who needs the paper. The cashier pointed to us, and he was about to hand it to Kevin. But Kevin did not accept it, saying, "what would I do with this piece of paper?" So the guy came back to the office, scratching his head to get a pen.

The manager came back with the pen and paper. She again asked Kevin what his sentiments are so she could write it down. Kevin enumerated, "poor customer service, defective machines." Kevin added that the manager was unprofessional to ask someone to bring the pen and paper when in fact he's talking to her. Among the manager's excuses was, she was just transferred to the branch recently. And in our minds, we were like, WHO CARES?!


Not Fun at All 


And so we left the manager with that piece of newsprint with the certainty that the manager will just crumple that in front of the cashiers and personnel, coupled with an evil laugh. Where that piece of paper with Kevin's sentiments on behalf of all the disappointed customers go? We don't know. That's why I am writing this post for the benefit of everyone. Timezone should really take action on this matter. Your slogan says, "Time for Fun!" We say, it's not really fun at all.

Timezone Arena
4/F TriNoma, Quezon City
May 18, 2013 at around 7PM


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