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Monday, November 26, 2012

It was in October 23, 2011 when I first fell in love with a huge bag up on sale at a small kiosk in TriNoma. The brand reads "Follow Your Heart." And so I bought this black bag with the simple label "WORK" for Php 700 ($15).

A high-quality bag for a fair price

At first, I felt it was a bit costly for a shoulder bag, but I was surprised when the FYH saleslady told me that the bag is backed by a lifetime warranty. The fabric used on the bag was different; it was waterproof and thick. The bag handles were also made from a sturdy material, which made it perfect for bulk-packers like me.

For the not-so-light-packers

It has two small pockets on one side, perfect for putting small stuff and candies, and a larger pocket with a zipper on the other side. It's cargo space is like that of a backpack, and I love it.

Unique and witty design

The simple label "WORK" sewn on the front of the bag caught my attention. Another design of this bag says "PLAY." Design-wise, FYH bags spell uniqueness and simplicity that are suited for women of all ages. 

Lifetime warranty

My one-year old WORK bag has been my everyday bag for a year now. And since I've been carrying the world on my shoulders, one of the handles eventually became worn-out. Being a consumer who knows her rights, I contacted FYH through their Facebook page. I sent this photo and asked them if they could repair my bag since I remember it has a warranty. 

The admin told me to bring my bag to the TriNoma branch for repair. She/he told me that they charge a minimal fee, but when I came to the branch, the saleslady didn't ask me any fee. She gave me a claim stub and told me to wait for the text of FYH if my bag is already ready for pick-up.

One time, big time moment

After a week or so, I received a message from FYH informing me that my bag is ready for pick-up. I replied that I will be picking it up ASAP. I went to the shop with my claim stub, and I got my bag back! Here's how it looks like now:

I'm very satisfied and happy that my bag is as good as new. Thanks, FYH for being true to your word when you say that your bags are backed by lifetime warranties. Now, my WORK bag is back to work! :)

I HIGHLY recommend FYH to you, girls! :)

Visit Follow Your Heart BAGS at their branches located at Market! Market!, Glorietta 3, TriNoma, Greenhills, and Ayala MRT Station.

Like FYH shop on Facebook:


Monday, November 5, 2012

Pilot post

I promised myself that if ever I'll create a review blog, my first post will be about my Cicada Spa experience last March 2012. Say hello to my One Time, Big Time blog. I would like to clarify that all of the posts herein are under my accountability; I'll do my best to be very brave and honest to narrate my one time, big time experiences to help my readers. Finally, I do not intent to accuse or bastardize anyone or anything in this post.

Now known as "Sentirsis Spa"

I can recall vividly my first (and last) experience with Cicada Spa - Sucat Branch. Vividly because it was the same night when I broke up with my boyfriend, and I was having the time of my life with my friends. It was around 3:00 AM, when me and my girl friends decided to spend an hour at a spa. We even considered ourselves lucky to found a spa that is still open at such ungodly hour.

The place. 

As far as I can remember, other than Ace Water Spa, it was my first time to go to a spa and really pay for a treatment. We all asked to have a combination (Shiatsu and Swedish) full body massage (Php 250). The place was small, no problemo, and there was a creepy instrumental music playing. The lights were dim, of course, to give the sleepy and relaxing mood. The individual spa room (or cubicle, if I may) was incredible. A bleak, defenseless curtain serves as my only protection from outside evils. That alone made me sense there's something wrong with the place.

The massage.

I placed my bag near my head since there was no table where I can put my things on. I twirled my Blackberry phone's lace on my hand since that's my only priced possession (but I was wrong). My therapist arrived; as a first-timer, I just let her do her thing. I told her I want the massage to be moderate. And I got it. It was really nice, relaxing, and powerful. I told myself to never fall asleep because my things were at stake. I was really worried about my cellphone (because I'm still paying for it), but when she started massaging my head, I was off to dreamland in a snap.

The therapist.

I forgot her name, but she was a she. She was a good masseuse, hands down; although there were instances that I caught her texting during my one-hour massage. She has colds that night; I could tell by her sniffs and occasional wiping of the nose. IDGAF about that, as long as she'll give me my money's worth. Fortunately, she did. Not until...

The aftermath.

When I woke up, I saw my friends standing around my bed. Embarrassed, I quickly dressed up and asked them how long have they been standing there. Then, we thanked the receptionist and left. We were only ten steps away from the spa when I noticed that my engagement ring is not in my ring finger anymore. We hurriedly went back to the spa, and told the receptionist (which happens to be the store manager as well) regarding my ring. When we got to my massage room, it was already empty. The manager called up my therapist and told her about the incident. Sure, they did everything to find it, i.e., checked my bed cover, swept the floor, even checked the therapist's clothes and bag. Alas, my ring is gone.

I'm positively sure that I was wearing it during the massage. Although I broke up with my boyfriend that day, I even bragged to my girl friends earlier that night that I'm still wearing it even though I'm already single. But the manager and the therapist insisted that maybe I lost it somewhere else. I kept that ring for almost two years and never lost it. I'm very sure that someone stole it. Maybe not the therapist, but most definitely not me. Perhaps someone came into my room when I was dozing off due to the wonderful massage, since there is only a stupid curtain between me and maniacs that can come into my cubicle, ransack my things, or even rape me.

Their side.

The manager told me that they have lockers where we can put our valuables before the massage. Well, did anyone even tell us that there were lockers? We were first-timers, and they should be doing their job to tell us about their facilities, for them to serve us better. In fact, the therapist did not even care when she saw that my big bag is on top of my bed. After the incident, the manager told me that they will keep in touch and update me if my ring shows up, which I bet, will never happen.

Okay, the manager called me up, days after the incident. Of course, she told me that my ring never showed up. Why would it? And now she's sending me text messages regarding their promos. SRSLY.

My side.

I composed myself, though I was close to tears and I just got up from an interrupted sleep, I told the manager that one, they should know how to keep their customers safe when they are inside the spa premises. It is inevitable and they should know that their clients would eventually fall asleep after the massage. And two, how should they deal when things mess up like this one? She told me that their therapists are HONEST. That before me they even returned things as big and as expensive as iPhones. So why didn't the thief get my Blackberry instead of my ring? That I don't know.

My ring is a small, silver thing that you can't call up and wait until it rings. It can be thrown somewhere in the spa, and I'll never see it even if we search up to the intestines of my therapist. It's a small thing, but it means everything to me. Sadly, someone in the spa's so desperate to sell it for what, five hundred pesos to buy cellphone load? I'm not pointing my finger to anyone, but let me ask you: who else could have access to my hand when I was asleep? Clue: the full-body massage includes massaging the hands...

Thus, I rate my one time, big time experience in Cicada Spa - Sucat Branch (now known as "Sentirsis Spa") as 1 out of 5.
I do not recommend this spa to you, guys. 

Thou shall not steal, says the Lord.

Thou shall not sleep after a massage in Cicada Spa, I say.


Cicada Spa now Sentirsis Spa - Sucat Branch
Lot 4138-B LCT Bldg., Dr. A. Santos Ave., Sucat, Parañaque City


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