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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finally. Norman Reedus, Jennifer Lawrence and I have something in common.

We can shoot arrows. Yup, I can hit the target with a bow and arrow! Well, almost. šŸ˜Š

With just an hour of archery lesson at Kodanda Archery Range, I was able to know the basics of this soshal sport.

Yes, I proved that even us "jejes" can pull this off! All it takes is P500 for a one-hour session and you'll be able to learn what to do and what not to do when zombie apocalypse comes. Worth every peso, right?

It's not in my bucket list, but learning this unusual sport is something I'm proud of. For a lefty like me, it's already an achievement if I learn a new sport. I remember how hard it was to play table tennis back in college when all of my classmates were right-handed.

Pogi 'no? šŸ˜œ Photo by Roanne Duran of

What can you expect from a one-hour sesh at Kodanda? 

First, you'll know what is your dominant eye. You'll also be introduced to the gears that you have to use and you can use them for free. They have pads for the arm, the hand, and the chest.

Archer mode on! Photo by Roanne Duran of

Second, you'll learn the different signals used by the instructor on when to get your bow, when to shoot, and when to retrieve your arrows.

Third, you'll be able to shoot arrows in varying distances. You'll start with a short range target. When you've mastered it, you can try long range target where a balloon is placed on the bull's eye for more excitement.

Fourth, you can watch other archers and ask them for tips.

Finally, you get to take home your paper target for your family and friends to see. "Look, Ma. I hit the bull's eye. I can save this family!"

Have I told you yet that archery is fun? Photo by Roanne Duran of

What not to expect

One of the rules in archery is to be respectful to those who are still playing. Since its a sport that involves concentration and focus, horse playing is not allowed in the range. Channel your inner civilized self first before you enter the range, I suggest. Again, it's a sport that values respect and upholds discipline.

What I learned in my One Time, Big Time experience in Kodanda

1. If you did not hit the target on your first try, you can always get the arrows back and try again. Nobody gets it right the first time, so just enjoy and give it your best shot.

2. Don't be afraid to ask questions. As for me, my right arm got bruised because my stance was wrong all the while! My trainer told me to change my stance and since then, I kept hitting the target. Haha.

3. Take it easy; don't get all pissed off when you can't do it.


The best time to go to Kodanda is during off-peak hours, which is basically before 5PM. Students and employees go there after school/office hours to release their stress. They are open everyday, yep, Monday to Sunday from 10:30AM to 7:30PM.

Kodanda is located at the basement of Makati Cinema Square in Chino Roces Ave., Makati City. It's just a jeepney ride away from the MRT Magallanes Station.

Kodanda Archery Range in Makati Cinema Square. Photo from
Give it a try and I swear you'll enjoy it! Bring your BAE, your friends, your crush or even your entire family over!

And when the zombie apocalypse comes, or a real-life Hunger Games happens, I know you'll thank me that I shared this with you.

And, you're welcome. :)

Like Kodanda Archery Range on Facebook or follow them on Instagram. They also have a shop where they sell all things archery.

What does Kodanda mean, you ask? Find out for yourself.



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