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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Today, Twitter helped me decide what to eat for lunch. I saw that #McSpicy is trending on Twitter locally, and being a self-confessed spicy hot chick that I am (LOL), I gave it a try. Apparently, the McSpicy Chicken Burger just arrived today, and I'm guessing I'm one of the first 100 people who will write a review about it.

The New McSpicy Chicken Burger

How much is it?

I bought the McSpicy Chicken Burger a la carte for only Php 80. I decided to just cook my own fries at home. Btw, a regular McSpicy Chicken Burger value meal costs Php 115, while a large one will cost you Php 135. It's definitely expensive for a burger, but is it worth it?

The New McSpicy Chicken Burger with homemade fries

Is it big?

The size of McSpicy Chicken Burger is just like your regular Burger McDo, but the chicken patty is relatively bigger. As you can see, it's not the typical round shape patty but more like a medium-sized chicken fillet.

The New McSpicy Chicken Burger

The New McSpicy Chicken Burger beside a Nikon lens cap for size comparison

What's in it?

The McSpicy Chicken Burger is composed of a medium-sized chicken fillet, McDonald's special mayo dressing, lettuce, and some chopped onions. I think it would taste better with a slice of tomato.

Inside the New McSpicy Chicken Burger 

Is it spicy?

Well, the box of the McSpicy Chicken Burger has a disclaimer that says "Chicken spiced right" and "With just the right amount of spice." If you are expecting a Tabasco hot sauce-level of spicy, then you'll be disappointed with it.  As a spicy-food enthusiast (WOW), I can say that the McSpicy Chicken Burger just tickled my taste buds a little. But it didn't make me long for a drink because the "spiciness" is barely there. So if you're not that into spicy food, you can definitely enjoy this McSpicy Chicken Burger. But for "extremists" like me, it's kinda boring and tasteless, so to speak.

The New McSpicy Chicken Burger disclaimer

Is it worth buying again?

Yeah, sure, somehow the McSpicy Chicken Burger satisfied my hunger, but its taste isn't something that you would really crave for. In a nutshell, it's your ordinary chicken burger with a hint of spice.

I didn't really find McSpicy Chicken Burger as something unforgettable or exceptional, though I still recommend that you try the McSpicy Chicken Burger for the sake of trying it. :)

Still, thumbs up, McSpicy Chicken Burger. Burp!


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