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Sunday, July 21, 2013

There's a newly-opened spa near Kevin's place, and we just had to be among the first ones to try it. Its name was familiar, because I've seen some of their branches all over the metro. But we're lucky that a Banahaw Heals Spa branch has finally opened within Tandang Sora, Quezon City. Here's our one time, big time experience with Banahaw Heals Spa:

Banahaw Heals Spa has impressed us from the moment we inquired through SMS for a reservation. The response was quite fast! Even more when we entered the place. The receptionist was kind and accommodating, and the place was pretty quiet. She told us to take our seats, then handed out some forms for us to fill out. We're quite impressed since it was our first time to experience that kind of treatment. The form contains some questions answerable by yes or no that inquires about your health and your present condition (i.e., are you pregnant? when and what was your last meal before the massage?) LOLZ.

I'd like to also note that the receptionist asked us if we want to add some more services, and Kevin eagerly said yes to try out the Ventusa method for an additional 100 Php. Galing mag-sales talk ni atey! It was also kind of her to ask if we'd like to have a 'couple room' unlike the other spa we've been to who just assumed that we're a couple! Haha. Our therapists were also kind to engage us to a small talk before we head to the spa room.

Next, the therapists led us to our room, and it was quite a big one compared to the spa we used to go to. It also has a divider so it won't be awkward for new couples (or even friends) to change clothes. Anyway, I opted for their signature 5-in-1 healing massage. It was a mixture of Swedish, Shiatsu, and Thai massage. It started out well, and I loved every pinch and press my therapist gave my tired body. LOL. It was kinda hard, but the effect on my body was wonderful. We loved the massage, but I was worried during the head massage part, when she was pulling my hair so hard I thought my head's gonna rip! LOLZ. So yeah, for the warm welcome and the massage, we give Banahaw Heals Spa our thumbs up!

There are just some things that were running in my head when I was lying on the massage bed. I was actually writing this post inside my head while the therapist was massaging my back. These are just some points that the spa could improve, which are definitely okay since they just opened.

1. The background music was not quite relaxing for me. The spa was playing instrumentals of popular love songs, which made it hard for me to relax because I kept on singing the lyrics on my head! I think they could just play piano pieces that are unknown to people but still gives the calm and peace the customers need.

2. From my side, I could hear the trucks and tricycles on the road. Kevin said he didn't hear those distractions, but I heard honks of vehicles passing by outside. Maybe the spa could invest more on soundproofing boards.

3. I didn't like the taste of the complimentary ginger tea. Well I guess I was just surprised that the tea served to us was not like the one we are expecting to have. I would love to have some nice hot tea like Earl Grey or just some Lipton Yellow Label tea, but I didn't expect that strong ginger tea. Maybe they could inform their customers next time of what kind of tea they'll be serving? Sorry if I'm asking too much.

That's all. Anyway, what we loved most about the spa is that they offer cheaper rates! The rates were so convincing that we opted to sign for membership. Next time we'll go there, we can avail great massage for a lesser price! And the membership is yeah, forevs! :)

You should try out the Banahaw Heals Spa because we loved it! :)

Check out their branches here.



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